Mix up Your Morning!

Finally, there is a pan
that can make a fluffy
pancake and crispy
waffle into one
amazing breakfast


& Free Shipping

Easy to Clean

Our pan comes apart
so that it not
only fits in your
dishwasher, but
really gets cleaning.


& Free Shipping

Create Fun!

Mix up your
morning with
the fun to
make, fun to
eat PanWaffle!


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Get Cooking!

If you can
dream it, you
can make it
with the
Panwaffle Pan.


& Free Shipping

So Many Cool Features in 1 Pan!

You will never have to clean a messy waffle iron again! Our patent pending pan makes short work of clean-up. Wait for the PanWaffle Pan to cool, open the pan completely, slide it apart, and place both halves in the dishwasher. It’s that easy.

Making a pan come apart for cleaning was no easy task, but we wanted to design a product that cleaned as well as it cooked, so our PanWaffle Pan easily comes apart at so that it fits well in most dishwashers.

It is safe to say there is no pan like this on the market. Have you ever been burnt by a handle that is too hot? Not with this pan. Our stay-cool handles will keep you easily cooking one PanWaffle after another.

Our lightweight nonstick pan cooks the perfect PanWaffle time and time again. Safety is always a concern when cooking. That’s why are product locks open at ninety degrees so you can easily check your PanWaffle and transfer it to a plate.

We’ve engineered PanWaffle pans for non-stick healthy cooking. Our pan features an exceptionally durable PFOA-free nonstick coating that resists scratches and stains giving you a product that is easy to cook and easy clean.

News & Events

Christmas in July

Come see the PanWaffle in New York City as we celebrate Christmas in July.
If you are in Times Square say hi to our new Mascot!

Panwaffle Recipes

The PanWaffle Original Recipe

Learn how to make the signature PanWaffle batter and maybe even add some berries!

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My brother and I would argue because one of us loved pancakes and the other one always wanted waffles. As you can imagine this would drive any parent crazy, especially our Mom. This meant she had to pull out her bulky waffle maker or the griddle, then have to wait for them to cool down just to attempt to start cleaning.  If anyone has ever used a waffle maker, not only does it take up a significant amount of space it is extremely difficult to clean and awkward to store.  Honestly, my Mom just ended up throwing it away.  She asked me one day why can’t someone make a Pan that is easy to cook with, has handles that don’t get hot, stays up when you open it and is dishwasher safe.  Having an entrepreneurial background, I took it even further and solved the great debate at the same time. Pancakes or Waffles! This is how the Panwaffle Pan was born.

This one is for you Mom!


  • Thank you for making the PanWaffle Pan! My kids and I spent Saturday morning taking turns making PanWaffles, and we had so much fun that morning. We added chocolate chips, topped them with bananas, whipped cream and chocolate sauce!

    Beth Ann
  • I’m not much of a cook, so I bought some Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix instead of making the recipe, and the PanWaffles came out great. I was worried I was going to mess it up, but the mix was easy, and the pan was easy to cook with.

  • I love new kitchen gadgets, and the pan waffle pan is the perfect combination of new and fun. I just got the pan, and I've already started experimenting with other batters and recipes. I'm going to try a carrot cake pan waffle next. Wish me luck!

  • I’m a single dad, and every saturday morning my two kids always want either pancakes or waffles. I’ve got a surprise for them this weekend when I make them the PanWaffle. That will be one less argument at least!


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