PanWaffle Pan Assembly


Use & Care


The same technology that keeps your PanWaffle Pan Handles cool also makes them fragile.  Your handles could break if dropped, so PLEASE HANDLE YOUR PAN CAREFULLY.


The handles are heat resistant but not heat proof. They will always be hotter toward the pan where marked, so be careful when handling the PanWaffle Pan during and after cooking until it has had time to cool.


DO NOT put your PanWaffle Pan in the oven. Don’t even put it in the oven on warm, as even this could compromise the handles.


DO NOT put your PanWaffle Pan in the microwave or convection oven.  Doing so can only damage the pan, but potentially start a fire.


DO NOT use the PanWaffle Pan on any outdoor grill. The kind of heat and open flames generated by a grill could cause irreparable harm to the pan.


DO NOT use sharp or metal utensils with the PanWaffle Pan, as this can harm the non-stick coating.


What is the best way to clean my PanWaffle pan?

The PanWaffle Pan is completely dishwasher safe and comes apart for easy cleaning.  However, most non-stick pans will stay non-stick longer with hand washing, which is more gentle on the pan.

Can I use other recipes and store bought batters with the pan?

Of course.  The pan is meant to be enjoyed with all of your pancake and waffle recipes, including off the shelf pre-mixed batters.  Just be careful with any new recipe.

Can I make just Waffles with the PanWaffle pan?

PanWaffles are big.  Some people enjoy just cooking the mini waffle in the center.

Are you going to post more recipes on this site?

Absolutely.  It is our goal to give you amazing culinary options for you and yours to get the most out of you pan.  Not only that, but we will also be posting recipes from our customers, so make sure you post yours on social media and #thepanwaffle.

My handle is loose.

Sometimes during normal wear and tear the PanWaffle Handle might come loose. If this happens make sure you use the supplied Allen wrench and retighten, making sure not to overtighten.


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